MINDFUL MESSAGES ~ TOP 5 Uplifiting Ways To Entertain Your Family During A Pandemic


Ages 2-99 Participants 2-10

Have every family member write 5-10 compliments (1 on each sticky note) and put them in separate cups. Add a little treat to each cup as well. Cut the tissue paper into square portions and place over cup top and secure with elastics. Have family members take turns punching through the top of the cups, keeping the treat but sharing the compliment with someone else playing!

Examples: "You have a wonderful laugh" "You are so kind to everyone" "You are loved"


Ages 2-99 Participants 2-20

In 1920, just 35% of American households had electricity. Pretend you are back in the 20's and turn off all electricity in the house, light some candles with holders (safely), antique lanterns if you have them. Sit as a group around the candlelight and talk about your ancestry and how they were able to cook, work, read and play musical instruments and games in the candlelight. Try to create this era with non-electrical items in your home! Play a board game with only candlelight! Checkers, Chess, and Mahjong were some of the most popular games of the 20's. Have the young kids draw, or color and create their own board game to play. If you want to amp up the evening, have everyone dress in the era and cook a supper menu similar to what our

ancestors would serve! A real farm to table menu! *See our 1920's menu blog post for recipes!


Ages 3-99 Participants 2-20

Rearrange the furniture in the living room to make a red carpet runway. If you have lamps or spot lights, shine them on a staged backdrop as the end of the runway. Have the participants of this red carpet fashion show, pick out 3 wild outfits from their closets mixing and matching all kinds of items for High fashion effects. Put on some high energy music and have all audience members take pictures with flash for the full effect! Show off your personal style!!


Ages 4-99 Participants 2-40

EVERYONE has a talent, they just have to tap into their creative self! Have all participants choose a talent to showcase in front of the audience. It could be a poem, skit, musical number, dance, oddity or ANYTHING that showcases their personality! Take turns drawing names from a hat and performing!


Ages 1-99 Participants 2-40

If you are able to have a real campfire in the summer, head outside into your backyard with some blankets and flashlights and light up a campfire! Share scary stories, cook marshmallows, and turn off all electronics! If you have no backyard, or it's winter, create this campfire scene right in your living room! CHECK OUT these fun indoor firepit ideas from Full Home Living! https://www.fullhomeliving.com/diy-flameless-firepits/

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