Countdown to our Fave Christmas Tree Designs

Here at VIVID we have been busy! We recently donated a Christm​as Tree to

Saskatoon's Western Development Museum's yearly Festival of Trees. All funds raised go towards our Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation. We are so excited to announce our tree sold for $1,500 which we are so excited about! Take a look at our tree here

So...speaking of Christmas trees, we wanted to to talk about Christmas Decor, and give some tips and insights on a few ideas if you are looking to change your decor.

#1 - Classic Black & White

This is sure to match with a country chic home.

#2 - Feather Filled

Here's a pro tip: make your tree look and feel full with fluffy feathers tucked in between branched. It will add extra texture and fill in all of the empty holes.

#3 - Tree Topper

Use a tree topper that will stand out across the room and be the focal point of the tree.

#4 - Winter Wonderland

Such a classic! Trees like this feature layers of snow covered decorations, sparkling everything and metallic baubles.