Staging a Home To Sell

We often have questions from our clients asking how to stage a house to make it sell, especially if it is vacant.

Imagine your house empty, without furniture. Does that paint a picture for a new buyer to be able to come in and picture themselves living in this house? probably not!

They want to see beautiful furniture that will get their creativity going, and it will in turn help them imagine their furniture in this home and soon they will be making an offer.

This is exactly what we did for a recent client of ours, who was selling a beautiful house on University Drive in Saskatoon. This neighborhood is known for lush thick trees that line the streets, and houses that are full of architecture style dating back to the 1900's.

This particular home stood the test of time, as it featured beautiful wood accents everywhere, it just needed a touch of modern day classy design to tie it together.

We featured a lot of white and neutral colors to accent and highlight the wood. A lot of our designs were sleek and modern, which lended well to the architecture of the house.

After the staging of this home was complete, this brought in many perspective buyers, and the house was conditionally sold within the week! If you are looking to have your home staged please reach out to us at