Top Trends for Office Spaces

Saskatoon is growing at such a crazy fast pace, it is sometimes hard to keep up! But - are these spaces keeping up with the design trends that make employees happy to spend their time within those walls? When done correctly, an office space can improve employee productivity, health and happiness which in turn can create a much more successful organization.

Here are our favorite trends:

#1 - Nature-Based Designs

We are talking about more than having plants in the office here. Incorporating elements of natural patterns, lighting and textures or not only nice to look at, they can also have a large impact on the well-being of everyone in the office. Being in nature has proven to make individuals feel calmer, more creative, happier and healthier.

#2 - Make the office a little homeier!

That's right! Bringing the comforts of home to work has been big in 2018. Since work is such a major part of our lives bringing "home" to work can improve mood and build a sense of community. Examples of this include full size kitchens, game rooms, bars, fireplaces and more are places employees can step away from their desks to enjoy conversations with coworkers, collaborate or work alone in a new environment.

#3 - Unconventional Workspaces

Bean bags under a stairwell? Yoga mats in a meeting room? Workspaces are changing. Creating open, collaborative and functional work areas is the new norm. Giving employees the flexibility to work in areas other than their desk, such as a sofa or in a booth, allows them to accomplish more in spaces that meet their needs. What’s more, they add additional space to collaborate, while also making the environment fun and inviting.

#4 - Color

Last but not least, a little pop of color goes a long way! The days of sterile walls are long gone. Try having an accent color to add excitement to the space.

After reading this, I bet you are wishing your office space looked like this. How wonderful would it be to have this kind of work environment!? Guess what! We can make it happen.

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