Tile, Tile and MORE Tile

Are you ready for some serious inspiration?!

Tile is an easy material to incorporate into your interior design that can really bring depth and texture to an otherwise lackluster space. It can be used as a neutral, or to add a brilliant pop of color. Whatever your preference, here are some of our absolute favorites!

Imagine using this mostly neutral tile, with these stunning pops of blue. Then you could add a few simple accents of the matching blue around your home to tie it all in. Talk about an easy design win!

I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for herringbone! Doesn't this simple backsplash just boast a level of class and chicness, in the most subtle way?

This farmhouse bathroom inspiration has been achieved thanks to this old school looking tile. The accent wall lends itself well to the neutral furnishings. (Can we also take a minute to admire the lighting!?)


When you become a valued VIVID Interior Designs client, we open our Design Warehouse to you. We have a wide variety of tile options as well as other finishing materials at a discounted price to help you achieve your dream design on a budget.

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