Entryway Inspiration - 6 design elements you MUST have

Everyone says - first impressions matter.

From the moment a guest walks into your home, we all want them to be "wowed" and have them wondering how the rest of your home looks, just by the beautiful decor in your front entryway. Regardless of your style from coastal to farmhouse to modern, here are some ideas to freshen up your front entrance.


ELEMENT #1: WALL DESIGN. Wallpaper is back! Transform what would be a small and boring space into something full of depth.

ELEMENT #2: LIGHTING. Having some eye catching unique lighting in your entryway will make the difference. Also note this HUGE mirror that makes this space look much larger.

ELEMENT #3: GREENERY. Don't have a green thumb? Easy to maintain plants like succulents give a freshness to an area.

ELEMENT #4: SPACE TO SIT. Every entryway needs something for guests to sit on while they put on their shoes.

ELEMENT #5: DURABLE RUG. Select a rug that won't show dirt or stains. *TIP* this is also a easy way to add a pop of color to your space.

ELEMENT #6: CHOOSE THE RIGHT TABLE. This black and gold table brings such a chic and classy feel to this space.