Design Begins with an Idea

Some people are natural DIYers who can spark up ideas and execute flawlessly. Their house literally looks like a pinterest board! Then there are others, who need someone to present "ideas" to them in order for them to make a choice.

This is where we come in! We know not everyone is gifted at creating beautiful home designs, and we are here to help.

Through our Imagination Meetings, we take you through what your likes and dislikes are, from colors, to wood grains, fabrics and style inspirations, we cover all of the bases. We take this information back to our drawing board and provide our clients with different Inspiration Boards full with new furniture suggestions, current furniture placement, and color palette options. This will be sure to spark some creative juices and get the interior design process going, on any budget.

Once a design is chosen we have an entire warehouse in Saskatoon available to you stocked full of finishing materials such as bask-splash, tile, laminate and LTV flooring. We offer exclusive discounts to our clients in order to save them the most money on their home project.

Looking to book a consultation with VIVID Interior Designs? We offer Interior Design Services across Saskatchewan, and would love to meet with you! Contact us at or call us at 306-241-7699.