1920's Farm to Table Recipes

TAKE A Look at The Vintage Kitchen For these AMAZING Farm To Table Recipes! #vintagekitchen #1920s #farmtotable

Mindful Messages - Jocelyn D
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BACK IN THE DAY - Mindful Messages #2 Activity

Ages 2-99 Participants 2-20

In 1920, just 35% of American households had electricity. Pretend you are back in the 20's and turn off all electricity in the house, light some candles with holders (safely), antique lanterns if you have them. Sit as a group around the candlelight and talk about your ancestry and how they were able to cook, work, read and play musical instruments and games in the candlelight. Try to create this era with non-electrical items in your home! Play a board game with only candlelight! Checkers, Chess, and Mahjong were some of the most popular games of the 20's. Have the young kids draw, or color and create their own board game to play. If you want to amp up the evening, have everyone dress in the era and cook a supper menu similar to what our

ancestors would serve! A real farm to table menu!