"if you can imagine it, we can design it".

“INNOVATION and ORIGINALITY is what we strive for when we DESIGN and COMPLETE PROJECTS for our clients with the best possible QUALITY and EFFICEINCY in our work. We want to collaborate all ideas using INGENUITY and IMAGINATION to dream up the unexpected!”


VIVID Interior Design is a Saskatchewan based commercial and residential design company that services Interior Design Clients all over Canada, with availability to design overseas as well! Vivid offers a “Build Your Own Design Package” presented to clients with basic design needs all the way up to full “Turn Key, New Build” Design packages from the ground up to the finished product. These packages are based on flat fee affordable for all design clients.


At VIVID we have access to discounted finishing material (flooring, mosaic tile etc.) that can be accessed with our offered “Flat Fee” design packages. We understand working within a budget and time frame and will work hard to develop a plan with you. We strive to complete each project with quality and unlimited customer service! 

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Jocelyn Malcolm, Founder and Principle Designer of VIVID Interior Designs Inc., brings a new concept to the world of design. She has developed a way to “create your own package” for each project, from the very basic design needs to a full “Turn Key” start to finish design including the perk of getting finishing materials at a reduced cost as part of the design venture.


Jocelyn brings passion to the integration of Architectural features, finishing, and optional custom designed furniture, to create environments that reflect each clients unique personality and lifestyle.


Jocelyn holds her International Design and Decorating Professional® Designation as well as has received Awards of Merit for her designs. Jocelyn specializes in Commercial Design including Hotels, Spa’s, 4-30 Employee Office Complexes as well as residential new builds and renovations.


She has been featured in various media articles as employed by D3H Hotels Inc. www.d3h.ca as the Primary Design Consultant, and events and has worked in various Canadian provinces and looking forward to creating designs all over the world!

Jocelyn D. Malcolm owner, design consultant, IDDP